Donald Allen Keith

Vietnam War Photographs
NSA Station Hospital DaNang
Notice: This website contains
some graphic images of war injuries
and surgical procedures.

Donald Allen "Donnie" Keith 1947-1984 
My name is Ben Campbell and I published this website because my Uncle Don left behind a lot of pictures (slides) he took in Vietnam that I found in a shoebox in some of my dad's old stuff. I don't remember a lot about him, but I do remember he always had a smile on his face and always kept us laughing with his sense of humor. "Well who don't know that?" he would say with a wink like we were all smarter than the average guy. He taught my younger brother how to play the drums. I know even less about his time in Vietnam, but I decided to post these images here in case anyone knows who he was, or recognizes anyone in the pictures. I figured there might be someone out there who might like to see these because I know a lot of service personnel have lost their pictures over the years. He served at least 4 years in the US Navy and the best I can tell he was stationed at the NSA Station Hospital in DaNang Vietnam as part of the medical staff. He was not a surgeon.
I found a newspaper article about his wedding in June of 1968 in Lexington, North Carolina that said he had just served 4 years in the US Navy. I'm not sure if he went back after that or not. I am also looking for his wife Brenda and his daughter who's name I believe is Rebecca in case they would like to have the original slides. Brenda's maiden name according to the article was Brenda Elaine Aultman.
There are a few names on the back of some of these slides including Dr. Candelari, Dr. Rounds, Maki, Jasso, Nowell, and Stew.
Some of the surgical procedures and causes of injury are listed like Cross-Leg Flap, Triple Arthrodesis, Tumor, Mortar, etc. Operating room photos begin about half way through page 3.
I'm going to leave my email so If you can provide any information about Donnie, or anyone else in these pictures please let me know. I will also post anything you would like to say - comments or experiences you would like to share.
Thanks for visiting.

Comments from guests:

The man in the green uniform without a hat was over the doctors and the nurses. The picture listing  what was done was required on each patient in the event the medical records were lost, the report could be rewritten. (Daily log book) When NSA Hospital closed, all of the records were sealed and shipped to storage. They are in National Archive. Also if interested you would get a copy of his DD 214 or medical file from the Dept. of the Navy. The snakes name was Bonnie. The Repose ship had nurses from different parts of world come and train on the units of NSA.Thanks, Reggie 


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